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HOW SHOULD WE LIVEp15March252018

How should we liveP14March182018

Testimony March112018

Alex Cumming testimony Feb252018

How should we LiveP12Feb11/18

Therefore How should we LiveP11Feb4

How should we LiveP10Jan2818

How should we liveP9Jan212018

The calling Jan14/18

Therefore How should we Live

Bruce MacCallum Romans12 Share

The Christmas Story is a Love Story

Testimony Dec 10

Bruce Macallum Romans 12 P4

Bruce MacCallum Spiritual Gifts

Bruce MacCallum Romans 12 P3

Bruce MacCallum Romans 12 P2

Bruce Romans 12 (buzzing ends 1:45)

Wayne Clark



2Corinth. Bruce MacCallum 2

2Corinth. 1-11 Bruce MacCallum

Henri DeSouza

Jeremy Lapointe

Paul Degraff

Fall Festivals-Ruben Gandia

Salvation-Vahag Santourian

Max Woodley Last Sermon

Birgid MacCallum 2 Peter 3

Mark Willock Ephesians 6

Mark Willock: Fathers Day

Max Woodley: Acts

Max Woodley: Perfect Effort End

Mark Willock

Birgid MacCallum

Guest Pastor

Paul Degraff

Easter Friday Service

Grayden Baker

Max Woodley Perfect Effort 3

Max Woodley Perfect Effort 2

Max Woodley Perfect Effort 1

Max Woodley Stagnant Faith

Mark Willock Ephesians 5

Mark Willock Walking in the Spirit

Mark Willock Holy Spirit Series 11

Mark Willock-Holy Spirit 10

Mark Willock-Holy Spirit 9

Mark Willock-5Feb17 -Holy Spirit(8)

Birgid MacCallum-Sermon-29 Jan 2017

Max W.-SacrificialGiving-22Jan17

Max Woodley-SacrificialLove-15Jan17

Mark Willock-8Jan17 -Holy Spirit(7)

Mark Willock-11Dec -Holy Spirit(6)

Mark Willock-4Dec -Holy Spirit(5)

Birgid MacCallum-Loving God-27Nov16

Max Woodley-YouthService-20Nov16

Max Woodley-Willing Sacrifice-13Nov

Mark Willock-6Nov -Holy Spirit(4)

Mark Willock-30Oct -Holy Spirit(3)

Henri T. De Souza- Eternity- 23 Oct

Max Woodley-Back to life-2 of 2

Max Woodley-Back to life-1 of 2

Mark Willock-25Sept -Holy Spirit(1)

Dr Barry Howson - Revival - Part 2

Dr Barry Howson - Revival - Part 1

Pastor Bruce- 4 points -Sep 4

Pastor Bruce- Loving God 28Aug-P2

Pastor Bruce- Loving God 21 Aug16

Guest - Paul DeGraff 14 aug/16

Guest - Richard Quesnel-7 aug/16

Holy Spirit - His Role 3- 10 July

Holy Spirit - His Role (2) 3 July

Holy Spirit - His Role - 26 June

Baptism Sermon 19 June

Jesus encourages our faith- 5 June

Avoid Red Herring - Purgatory May29

Special Guest - Dr. Michael Haykin

Deborah and Abigail -8 may 2016

Yoga, Reiki Part 2 -01 may 2016

Richard Quesnel - 24 april 2016

Yoga, Reiki Part 1- 17 Apr 16

Bible say about suffering 11/8/15

Generational Sin 11/1/15

“Christians and politics” 10/25/15

Can you Lose Your Salvation?

Ruben Gandia Oct. 11th 2015

Can God Change His Mind?


“ We are all Broken” Part 2 9/13

“ We are all Broken” 9/6/15

“Afraid to Ask?” 8/30/15

Your Heart in Christ Jesus

Amos' Message 15/16/15

Joel's Message: "Return to the Lord

"Sanctification" 8/2/15

"Irritating Christians" 7/26/1

Church of the Open Door 19/7/15

Omission of Our Mission 7/12/15

Revere God July 5/15

June 28th/2015

June 7/15

May 31/15

May 24/15

Willingness 5/17/15

Being a Christian Mother 5/10/15

"Do not Test God" 5/3/15

"Who is Present" 4/26/15


Living with Resurrection Power

"He has Risen" 4/5/15

Lenten Series: Part 5 3/29/15

Reading with Thankful Hearts.

March 15/15

Pursuing a Thankful Heart 3/8/15

Developing a Thankful Heart

Ruben Gandia

Lying and Coveting 2/15/15

“Thou shalt not steal” 2/8/15

Our need for Moral Courage

Understanding God on Adultery

Building on a good 2015

What Does it Mean to be Forgiven